About Us

Danwei helps clients stay informed and make better decisions in China.

Danwei was founded as a media tracking website in 2003, and began offering research and media services to companies, universities and financial institutions in 2006. Our reports are written and edited by a team with decades of experience in research, media and the Internet in China.

Our work includes face-to-face and telephone interviews with experts and consumers, technical monitoring of news and social media, desk research, and cooperation with our sister service China Confidential and other Financial Times data services. We also write and create custom media about China and Chinese themes for clients.

Danwei Milestones

Danwei website launched to translate and summarize Chinese media.

Company formed to offer news and social media analysis services.

London Review of Books: “Danwei gives a range of sources, news and opinions on China that no mainstream news organization can match”.

Danwei becomes a founding affiliate of The Australian National University’s Centre on China in the World.

Danwei Weibo data miner launched to automate analysis of Chinese social media.

The Financial Times acquires Danwei.

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