Big three Chinese telecom operators criticized for profiting from spam

Beijing Times 京华时报 yesterday published an article (based on a report in the CCTV 1 program Focus Interview 焦点访谈) analyzing the profit chain of spam texts sent by China’s three leading telecommunication operators. According to the report, many spam texts are sent from numbers starting with 106, and such numbers can only be used by China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom. Such numbers were originally for internal and work units’ use only, but in recent years the big three telecom operators have provided bulk spam sms services to all-comers and profiting accordingly.

According to the report, a small bulk SMS advertising company who sends out ten million texts monthly can make a profit of about 200 thousand yuan, but the big three telecom operators can make about 300 thousand yuan and provide bulk sms advertising services at cheaper rates.

Companies and brands affected
China Mobile (HKG:0941)
China Unicom (HKG:0762)
China Telecom (HKG:0728)

Links and sources
Beijing Times: 三大运营商被指发垃圾短信获利

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