“Black kid’s happy life” in Shenyang orphanage

On the front page of Shenyang Evening News (沈阳晚报) from the capital of Liaoning province today is a large picture and profile of a four-year-old mixed-race child — the “happy black kid” of the headline who ended up in a Shenyang orphanage after he was found abandoned on a street in the city. Surnamed Shen after Shenyang (沈阳) like all the children at the orphanage, the child was a source of amazement to the Shenyang Evening News journalist who went to the orphanage to check him out.

Two years ago a mixed race baby was found abandoned on the street in Shenyang with only a slip of paper and a handmade necklace. On the slip of paper, someone had written: “I am powerless to bring up this child, I hope some kind-hearted person can bring him up to adulthood, thank you!” Now two years later, he’s described as “healthy and smart child” who is very confident and thinks himself very “handsome” (帅) and “unique” (与众不同).

His real registered surname is Shen but the journalist gave him the pseudonym Shen Jiabo for the article. According to Jiabo’s teacher, when he first arrived at the orphanage he was malnourished, “but no matter that he was of a foreign lineage, he’s just like the other kids and he has all along been very receptive to Chinese education.” He already speaks very good Chinese, although his pronunciation is a little different from the other kids.

According to the article, Jiabo has already shown a particular aptitude in certain classes, especially dancing. The journalist describes his moves as very elegant (优美). His thigh joints are very flexible apparently, and he can rotate his partner very energetically. Watching him move, the journalist could only wonder in amazement at his “innate dancing skills”.

The article also describes a room that has where the children often play that has a large mirror. The children love to gaze at each other in the mirror. The article says that the other kids often look at Jiabo’s appearance in the mirror and point out that he’s black and not like them. But Jiabo, unperturbed, shoots back: “I’m not black, the palms of my hands are white, the soles of my feet are white, and my teeth are white too!”

The article says that it is likely that Jiabo will be adopted by a foreign household. The orphanage has informed the relevant authorities, who will seek a foreign family to adopt him.

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Shenyang Evening News (福利院中的黑娃娃,老招人稀罕了)

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