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Satan Lucky’s Floating World

Satan Lucky is the pen name of cartoonist and illustrator based in Beijing. He publishes some of his work on Weibo. His style is based on Ukiyo-e — literally “pictures of the floating world”, the traditional Japanese style of woodblock prints and paintings of nature, history, scenes from the theater and of geishas and other urban decadences.

Some of Satan Lucky’s cartoons depict fantastic beats that seem to have no connection with contemporary reality, while others can be read as critical commentary In the gallery below, for example, 404 (the error number most Web browsers indicate when trying to access a blocked site in China) is depicted as a beast that sits on the computer, blocking access to Youtube and Facebook, while Flesh Net Beggar refers to the way in which resourceful people can avoid paying fines to the Flesh Net Beggar and “jump over” the Great Firewall.   Read more

The branded sex toy business – Zhang Xiaoyu

The BBC recently published a story titled Opening a sex shop in China, glossed as such:

In China, sex is not a frequent topic of conversation, but one 23-year-old graduate in China is hoping to change that.

Ma Jiajia is not like other young entrepreneurs in the country.

Her foray into the world of business has involved opening a sex shop – a venture that comes with its own risks and rewards.

In February 2004, nearly ten years ago, Danwei published a story titled Emily Meng owns a sex shop. This is the first line:

The G Spot is owned and managed by a twenty something Chinese woman named Emily Meng.

So a twenty-something woman opening a sex toy store in Beijing is not exactly new. On the other hand, this is probably a first for China: On May 15, Chinese nude model Zhang Xiaoyu 张筱雨 announced to her 450,000 Weibo followers the launch of her branded simulation sex toy, somewhat obliquely titled the ‘Zhang Xiaoyu reverse mould device’ (张筱雨倒模名器). The device is a small-scale model of Zhang’s back, buttocks and thighs with a prominent vibrating simulation vagina, coming in a pack complete with lubricant and nude photographs of Zhang.

The product page on the official Zhang Xiaoyu website claims the device is the “only one in the world’ to offer a “4D new orgasm experience” that literally “surpasses reality”. The device is capable of simulating vaginal muscle contractions, boasts of its lifelike texture, and comes with a prerecorded soundtrack of Zhang’s moans and cries of pleasure, which will “shout you to a pleasurable penetration”. It declares itself to be the “most realistic sex experience in the world” and allows you to “have sex with Zhang Xiaoyu to your heart’s content”.

The device has an original retail price of 783 Yuan, but can generally be bought through licensed distributors for 580 Yuan. It has average reviews of five out of five stars from almost 200 evidently satisfied customers on online adult retailer Zhang’s website is definitely NSFW, but it is professional and informative, giving the impression of a highly organised and well-crafted business. Read more

Migrant workers forming “temporary couples” in the cities

The millions of migrant workers in China have a tough life. Leaving their homes to find work and separated from their families almost all year round, they toil in the cities for little pay and reside in ramshackle lodgings. Yet this much we know about migrant workers, what we know less about is how these migrant workers deal with the loneliness and isolation of their long and difficult sojourns. After more than a month of research and interviews with migrant workers in the city of Ningbo, the Contemporary Gold (现代金报) newspaper from Zhejiang province today published a front page story on the phenomenon of migrant workers forming “temporary couples” (临时夫妻) in the cities.

The newspaper recounts the stories of a few individual migrant workers in Ningbo that have formed temporary bonds of love and support in the cities to help shoulder the difficult burden of urban life. The newspaper quotes statistics from the Ministry of Health that around 80% of migrant workers in China are in a sex-starved state. And not only this, they are alone in an unfamiliar location, with little money, and no-one to comfort them. So perhaps it’s not at all surprising that migrant workers are seeking to make temporary arrangements.

One of the stories that Contemporary Gold relates today is that of Old Shen and Xiaoyan, both married migrant workers, who found each other in Ningbo. Their tale illustrates just how some migrant workers are dealing with the difficult circumstances they face in the cities, and how they have to face the consequences of their decisions.

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Survey of China’s 24 most corrupt officials in 2012

2012 was the annus horribilis of the “trial by Weibo” of government officials, their public humiliation and ultimate sacking in disgrace. More than ever before, last year witnessed multiple cases where government officials were implicated in sex videos and other corruption scandals that first appeared in full public view on the Chinese Internet and led ultimately to their dismissal. If it wasn’t already before, the public image of government officials of various ranks in China was in crisis in 2012.

In light of this situation, the Crisis Management Research Center at Renmin University (中国人民大学危机管理研究中心) in Beijing earlier in January this year published a report entitled “The Public Image Crisis of Government Officials” (官员形象危机2012报告). As the Yanzhao Evening News (燕赵晚报) from Hebei province today explains in a front page story, the Crisis Management Research Center surveyed 24 cases of corruption that became public knowledge on the Chinese Internet in 2012 so as to divine some trends and patterns in corrupt behavior among government officials in China. Their findings included that 95% of corrupt government officials keep mistresses, and more than 60% of these corrupt officials are openly cohabiting with their mistresses. Yet this is merely the beginning. Read on for what misdeeds the men behind the faces below got up to in 2012, before paying the price brought on by full public knowledge. Ah, the Internet…

Some of China’s most corrupt (and most publicly known) former government officials in 2012

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The Ten Biggest Sex and Gender Stories of 2012

The City Lady (都市女报) from Shandong today has a front page story on the Ten Biggest Sex and Gender Stories of 2012 in China (年度十大性与性别事件). Based on an exercise led by the head of the Sex and Gender Institute at the Beijing Forestry University (北京林业大学性与性别研究所) named Fang Gang (方刚) (a man), this Top Ten list has been published every year from 2008. Each item on the list is accompanied by commentary from the staff at the Sex and Gender Institute, which is translated below along with each of the ten items.   Read more

Contrasting World AIDS Day coverage in China’s newspapers

With tomorrow being World AIDS Day, a handful of newspapers in China today ran special features and front page headlines on HIV/AIDS-related stories. This coverage came in contrasting styles, however. While most newspapers focused on informative education and prevention activities related to HIV/AIDS, Dongguan Times went straight for the proverbial low blow by focusing its front page story entirely on brave and nervous nurses at a local hospital while they treat AIDS patients who seem crazy and plague-ridden (and who are mostly outsiders [外地人] anyway).

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Pan Shiyi: Another real estate mogul’s affair goes public

Another scantily clad woman can be seen today on the front page of the City Lady (都市女报), a newspaper ostensibly focused on women’s issues but apparently not only aimed at female readers. And once again we can feast our eyes on the mistress of a real estate mogul, this time Pan Shiyi (潘石屹). Revelations of Vanke real estate company chairman Wang Shi’s divorce and new girlfriend scandalized the nation’s newspapers on Tuesday. On Wednesday, a story and photo appeared on Weibo saying that Pan Shiyi had fathered a child with a former mistress. Like Wang Shi, Pan Shiyi is said to have met his lover while studying for an EMBA (executive MBA) at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business. Read more

Real estate billionaire Wang Shi’s divorce and new girlfriend

Having a mistress in China would not normally be front page news. But when you are a 61-year-old famous real estate mogul and renowned entrepreneur and when your new mistress is a pretty, 31-year-old actress – that’s front page front and centre. Hence all over various front pages in China today are revelations that Wang Shi (王石) has divorced his wife for his girlfriend Tian Pujun (田扑珺). The Internet in China is well and truly abuzz with the news that the “old rich and handsome” (老富帅) has a “new joy” (新欢). Read more

Guys and Sex Dolls – Scenes from the Guangzhou Sexpo

As millions returned to work after one of the most stressful holidays in years on Monday October 8, the Tenth Annual Guangzhou National Sex Culture Festival was finishing its last day. “Look at the time,” Professor Zhu Jiaming, one of the organisers, said delightedly. “Three hours before closing on the last day, and it’s still packed!”

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“Most Chinese women don’t know how to use contraceptives”

The front of the City Lady (都市女报), a national newspaper focused on women’s issues, today makes the startling claim that most Chinese women don’t really know how to use contraception. Based on what it describes as the findings of a new investigation (the details of which are sadly lacking), the 1.3 million annual abortions in China could be substantially reduced if women had better knowledge of contraceptives and used them consistently. Read more