Media Intelligence and Digital Due Diligence

Danwei provides research and intelligence from the Chinese Internet, social media and the press to track investments, brands and issues of concern to companies and financial institutions.

Commercial insights from Chinese media and the Internet

With more than 500 million Internet users and tens of thousands of state-owned and commercial news organizations, websites and official publications, Chinese traditional and social media are rich sources of information about companies, brands and markets — yet much of this information does not appear in English.

Danwei’s media intelligence and digital due diligence services help companies and financial institutions stay on top of news and public opinion; understand the factors and forces that affect government policy, consumer sentiment, and the share prices of companies that operate in China; and prepare for and respond to crises.

Danwei’s methodology
Danwei tracks social media, news portals, government websites, databases of traditional media and all types of publicly accessible Chinese documents, and then filters and evaluates the results using a combination of automated technology and human analysis. If you have issues in China that you need to understand, we’ll tell you:

  • What is being said
  • Who is saying it
  • Why it matters
  • What to ignore

Danwei’s reports are customized for each client and can include:

  • Company Intelligence with stock market implications
  • Digital Due Diligence: Audits of brands, companies and people
  • Critical Issue Analysis: Real time updates about topics of interest to investors, financial decision
    makers and companies
  • Daily, weekly or monthly intelligence reports
  • Custom research
  • Translations and summaries of statements, publications and social media chatter by
    government, consumers, lawyers, customers, industry specialists, social media influencers, and other stakeholders

About Danwei
Danwei was founded as a media tracking website in 2003, and began offering research services in 2006. All Danwei deliverables are edited by a team with decades of experience in research, media and the Internet in China. See our press page for media mentions and citations.

Danwei is a research service from the Financial Times (FT), and works closely with the FT’s China Confidential, an indispensable compass for investors and corporations navigating the Chinese investment landscape. All reports are entirely confidential. Danwei is an independent entity that does not share information with the Financial Times newspaper.

Danwei also publishes translations from the Chinese media and articles about Chinese media, culture, consumers and business on this website.

For more information about our services, please contact Jeremy Goldkorn at jeremy -at-

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