Did you lose something? Micro Lei Feng can help

Is there no end to the multifarious usefulness of the paragon of selflessness and virtue that is Lei Feng? A little early for Lei Feng Day on March 5, but the front page of the South-East Business Daily (东南商报) from Zhejiang province today tells us that, in order to encourage the study of the spirit of Lei Feng and of volunteerism, we present: “Ningbo Micro Lei Feng!” (宁波微雷锋)

This latest installment of the cultural hegemon that is Lei Feng is a piece of software that runs of the omnipresent (in China) mobile messaging service WeChat (微信 in Chinese). Jointly produced by South-East Business Daily, the Ningbo City Public Transport Company and the Ningbo Public Security Bureau, “Ningbo Micro Lei Feng” can be installed by users of WeChat and then used in conjunction with the messaging service.

The point of “Ningbo Micro Lei Feng” is for people to report any lost and found objects in public areas in Ningbo. If you lost your mobile phone on a bus, for example, you can tell Micro Lei Feng as much as you can about your lost phone. Micro Lei Feng will then inform the transport and police authorities of your lost phone, and they can keep their eyes open for it. But ideally, someone else will see your lost phone on the bus and immediately tell Micro Lei Feng about it, so Micro Lei Feng can match the two lost and found reports. Such, at least, would be an ideal outcome for some good old Lei Feng spirit.

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