Housing prices in Chongqing to “stay stable”

The headline on the front page of today’s Chongqing Economic Times is: “The spring [property] fair closes, selling 2,988 high rise apartments at an average price of 6,136 yuan.” The article says the housing market is not expected to crash. It interviews several people (who appear to be experts but who are cited without affiliation) on their expectations for the property market. Nearly all of them say it will remain fairly stable and strong.

Only one interviewee believes there may be uncertainty in the future of the housing market. He believes China’s slowing GDP and the global economic slowdown may reduce demand.

The article does not discuss prospects for one of the projects that ousted Chongqing Party secretary Bo Xilai was famous for: the construction of low cost housing in the city which helped make him popular with low income groups.


Towards the bottom of the front page is a picture of two women hugging. The story details the reunion of a mother and daughter who were separated 23 years ago, when the daughter was 3 years old. The girl, Zhou Chunmei, was separated from her family at a train station when her uncle left her to go to the toilet and never returned. A passerby heard her crying, took her home and adopted her. Chunmei continued looking for her birth family and finally they were reunited through the help of online media. Chunmei is now 26 and has a 9 year old son.

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Chongqing Economic Times: 春交会落幕 共卖房2988套 高层建面均价6136元,  女子3岁与亲人走散 23年后网上发帖寻亲成功

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