Man finds his brother’s killer after 16 years

Sometimes the wheels of justice turn slowly. And sometimes you have to make them turn yourself. The Guizhou Metropolis Daily today has a front page headline that reads “He’s lying!” (他在扯谎), which was the phrase uttered by a man who heard his brother’s murderer proclaim his innocence. For 16 long years, Yang Shunming has been looking for the man who killed his brother, and by something of a fluke, he found him sitting at another table at a society dinner. The man had a new name, a new job, and dark secret. 

For the last sixteen years, Yang Shunming (杨顺明) has been searching for the man that killed his younger brother, Yang Shunxiang (杨顺祥). The man who did the vile deed, named Ren Yuefeng (任岳峰), back in 1997 hired Yang’s brother as manager of his girlfriend’s western restaurant in Yunnan province. After working at the restaurant for five months, Yang Shunxiang found out that Ren was using the restaurant to distribute fake cigarettes. Yang Shunming advised his brother to quit, which he did. But Ren was not happy and demanded compensation, which Yang Shunxiang refused. Ren and two of his friends then lured Yang Shunxiang to a remote place, and beat him to death. Ren then disappeared.

Upon this tragedy, Yang Shunming resolved to find the man who was responsible and bring him to justice. For the last 16 years he has been doing part time work while moving from place to place, looking for Ren. He searched through Yunnan province, up into Shanghai, and into Guizhou province. Miraculously, last week Yang was attending a society dinner in Guiyang (贵阳) in Guizhou province, when he spotted Ren sitting at another table in the same room. Yang observed him closely, surreptitiously took some pictures, and alerted the police – he was sure he had his man. Turns out that Ren was working under a different name as the head of the Guizhou branch of the China Planning Institute (策划研究院). Ren at first maintained his innocence, but later – and after Yang Shunming has shouted “you’re lying!” at him a few times – confessed.

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Guizhou Metropolis Daily (贵州都市报): 他在扯谎!

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