At the Beijing Auto Show, one model’s dress is worth more than the costliest of cars

The flashy photo dominating the front page of today’s South Eastern Economic Times shows a scantily-clad model of the type Beijing’s Auto Show is famous for. The headline reads, “This small diamond dress is worth over a hundred million.”

Every year, the Beijing Auto Show sparks an annual nation-wide debate over whether the nearly-nude models pose a moral threat. This year has been no different. Yet this article actually says nothing of morality. It is more concerned with the details of one model’s dress, saying that the dress is set with more than 10,000 diamonds, and weighs 20 kg. Worth hundreds of millions of yuan, the dress costs more than the most expensive car at the show, which is the UNICAT off-road touring car, priced at 80 million yuan.


The front headline says, “Hong Kong will next year stop receiving non-resident pregnant couples. Identification will be required.” The policy is intended to prevent pregnant couples from the mainland traveling to Hong Kong to give birth in hopes that their child will have permanent residency there. It further seeks to prevent women from pretending to have a Hong Kong-resident partner in order give birth there.

Under the policy, which applies to all Hong Kong hospitals, public and private, women who want to give birth in Hong Kong will have to book an appointment in advance and submit a marriage certificate and a Hong Kong permanent identity card, as well as a consent form authorizing officials to verify the documents. Dr. Chow of the Hong Kong SAR (Special Administrative Region) Food and Health Board says that in the past three years, there have been over 6000 cases per year of women and couples entering Hong Kong to give birth.

Links and Sources:
South Eastern Economic Times: 香港明年全面停收“双非”孕妇这件小钻裙价值上亿
The Global Times: article on Beijing Auto Show bimbo controversy  

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