Pan Shiyi: Another real estate mogul’s affair goes public

Another scantily clad woman can be seen today on the front page of the City Lady (都市女报), a newspaper ostensibly focused on women’s issues but apparently not only aimed at female readers. And once again we can feast our eyes on the mistress of a real estate mogul, this time Pan Shiyi (潘石屹). Revelations of Vanke real estate company chairman Wang Shi’s divorce and new girlfriend scandalized the nation’s newspapers on Tuesday. On Wednesday, a story and photo appeared on Weibo saying that Pan Shiyi had fathered a child with a former mistress. Like Wang Shi, Pan Shiyi is said to have met his lover while studying for an EMBA (executive MBA) at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business.

According to the Internet gossip, Pan has a seven-year-old love child as a result of an extramarital affair. His wife, Zhang Xin (张欣) is said to be aware of the affair, while Pan and his former girlfriend have apparently long parted ways after a suitable accommodation was reached. Yet the question that everyone was asking is, who exactly is was she? And did she also study at a Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, where Wang Shi is alleged to have met his new girlfriend? On Tuesday this week, Du Zhifu (杜芝富), the chairman of the board of a real estate company in Hubei (湖北新亚特集团有限公司董事长) said on Sina Weibo that Pan’s mistress was Yu Yang (俞扬), a graduate of the same Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business EMBA course as the mistress of Wang Shi. Yu apparently likes golf. Du’s original posting seems to have disappeared, but this is one of his many subsequent tweets about Pan’s affair. This posting, by verified user Tian Jingpo, on the same topic has generated 6,420 comments at the time of writing. Yu Yang’s Weibo is here, and Pan’s is here.

The salacious tales of tycoons and mistresses and corresponding tales of meeting at business schools have prompted Muzi Mei (木子美 – a blogger who in 2003 caused a nationwide stir when she opened a blog detailing her sex life, thus popularizing blogging in China) to write a scathing piece on the rich and famous and how they hook up: “Story of an EMBA room card“.

Update: Pan’s wife Zhang Xin posted a rather moving note on Weibo:

Old Pan and I have been married for 18 years. We’ve been through all kinds of trials and hardships, from the pressure in the early years of starting our business to the gossip that repeatedly says we are divorcing. But every trial has made our marriage more solid and made us cherish our family even more. Society really values success, but the most important things in life are not how much money you make or how many buildings you construct. Much more important than those things is the love of your family, the people who love you who will pick you up when you fall down.

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