Qingdao cops chase Tibetan Mastiff

The Qingdao Morning Post 青岛早报 reported in a front-page story yesterday that in the early hours of July 3,  a stray Tibetan Mastiff ventured onto the Qingyin highway in Qingdao. From 3 until 11 am, local policemen made seven attempts to capture the dog, but in the first six encounters, the dog triumphed over his pursuers. But even after their sixth failure, the policemen did not give up and found the dog once more in a wooded area next to a toll booth at the entry to Qingdao Airport. There, according to the paper, the “Battle of Mastiff against Man” ensued. After a fight lasting two hours, six police officers captured the dog.

Tibetan Mastiffs have become status symbols for many rich Chinese in recent years, but they are large, aggressive and difficult to look after.

Above the photo illustrating this story is the headline: “PM2.5 main culprits: dust and coal”. The story says that Qingdao city environmental officials have identified dust (kicked up from urban construction sites), smoke from coal burned by power stations and for heating, amd car emissions as the worst sources of PM2.5 particles, i.e. pollutants smaller than 2.5 micrometers in size believed to be most hazardous to human health.

Other Chinese newspapers also featured dog stories yesterday.

In other dog news, the Anhui Business Daily 安徽商报 printed a front page headline noting that 10,000 people in Hefei, the provincial capital, are bitten by dogs every year, and that the majority of these bites occur during the summer for the following reason: “As we come to summer, people wear fewer clothes and pets succumb to an angry disposition.” The newspaper cited the example of one Tong Tong, a four-year-old girl who went to pet a dog that was lying by a small tree while playing at a park with her grandmother. In an instant, the dog had bitten Tong Tong, who was then rushed to hospital by her grandmother. According to Hu Lin of the Hefei Center for Disease Control Innoculation Clinic, she was just one of around three hundred people who came to be vaccinated that day after being bitten by dogs.




The Shandong provincial newspaper Qilu Evening News 齐鲁晚报 published a front page info-graphic showing ways to minimize the risk of infection after a dog bite: First, one must clean the wound with a clean brush and soapy water. The soapy water should then be cleaned off the wound with clean water. Then, use iodine of between 2% and 3% or alcohol of 75% purity to kill off any bacteria. After this, don’t close up the wound but rather seek medical attention.

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