China Research


Danwei provides customised market and consumer research and economic analysis to answer your toughest questions and drive smarter decisions. Our team’s experience includes journalism, market research and finance. For more than a decade, Danwei has closely monitored various industries including media, Internet, pharma, health care, education, IPR and sports apparel.We also work closely with the team of more than 40 researchers and data analysts at our sister service China Confidential.

Reports are based on:

  • Interviews
  • On-the-ground research
  • Reviews of public domain information and third party databases
  • Government regulatory announcements and statistics
  • Surveys and data from the 61 proprietary economic indices compiled by our sister service China Confidential

Recent Clients:
We typically sign non-disclosure agreements with our clients; please contact us if you’d like to know more about our services and discuss how we can you help make better decisions about your business in China. Our recent reports include:

  • China film industry employment and education market study
  • Internet commenting and deleting, black SEO
  • Report on policy and implications of Third Plenum in December 2013
  • Analysis of consumer attitudes and usage patterns of Chinese social networks
  • China sportswear industry competitive landscape study
  • Consumer attitudes of commercial English teaching schools in China
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