Custom Danwei Bulletin


The Danwei Bulletin is a customized weekly, monthly or quarterly digest summarizing the information most relevant to you from Chinese news and social media, and economic and business information from our sister services.

The Danwei Bulletin is customizable according to your specific requirements, with tailored content and production schedules.

Recent clients:

We typically sign non-disclosure agreements with our clients; please contact us if you’d like to know more about our services and discuss how we can you help make better decisions about your business in China. Recent Bulletins have dealt with:

  • Low-entry investment products in China and the peer-to-peer financial landscape
  • Misinterpreting China’s banking sector; Risks controllable for local government financing
  • Buying intentions on Weibo associated with China’s e-commerce platforms
  • High-end baijiu brands experiment with custom orders, mass-market offerings
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