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The dance of sounds – solitude and aesthetic pleasure

This is the 1510 Digest, a weekly roundup of recent essays and articles published on the Chinese web, with links to translations on the Marco Polo Project.

China has experienced tremendous economic growth over the last thirty years, with massive impact on many people’s everyday life and environment. How does this change affect individuals’ perception of their surrounding, and their possibilities for intimate pleasure? This week’s selection will give us insight into the way various city dwellers relate to their environment, and their sources of sensual pleasure and intimate satisfaction. Liu Shisan’s ‘The dance of sound’ describes the aesthetic exhilaration she gets from her sense of hearing; Ran Lan’s ‘Aesthetics of slowness’ draws on the memories of years spent in Guilin to develop a broader reflection on ‘slow life’; Li Yinhe’s ‘Praise of solitude’ identifies the state of the solitary individual as one of potential happiness and freedom.

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