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Preparations for 18th Party Congress dominate the newspapers, with a few exceptions

If you would casually scan a few Chinese newspaper frontpages in the stall today, you will mostly see one exact headline, combined with two images. The New Express (新快报) newspaper from Guangzhou province is one example of the message that went out in China today. With a headline reading “The 17th CPC Central Committee holds 7th plenum”, the New Express front page includes a picture of Central Committee General Secretary Hu Jintao (who delivered an “important speech”) along with another image of the 7th plenum delegates raising their hands as if they are voting on something. The frontpages of all the newspapers closely related to the government today look like this. Yet if you look hard enough you’ll find a few other papers today with very different headlines and frontpages, like the 6 O’Clock This Morning from Shandong province, for example, who is one of the very few papers to go with the headline announcing Bo Xilai’s dismissal from the Party. Read more