Survey of China’s 24 most corrupt officials in 2012

2012 was the annus horribilis of the “trial by Weibo” of government officials, their public humiliation and ultimate sacking in disgrace. More than ever before, last year witnessed multiple cases where government officials were implicated in sex videos and other corruption scandals that first appeared in full public view on the Chinese Internet and led ultimately …

Wastelands of Beijing

About 20 km outside Beijing, tourists sitting in tour buses from Beijing north-eastwards towards the Badaling section of the Great Wall can spot the apparent remains of a medieval castle some distance from the expressway. Its concrete spires rising above a muddy corn field, the eerie shell remains as a relic of the grandiose ideas …

Taxpayers are not ATMs

This is the 1510 Digest, a weekly roundup of recent essays and articles published in Chinese on, with links to translations on the Marco Polo Project. This week’s digest presents three articles exploring questions of social justice from three different perspectives – a call for improving the social security system in the name of freedom, an …

Corrupt Guangdong official gets 15 years in jail

The front page of the Guangzhou Daily today announces that Ni Junxiong, the former Bureau Chief of Public Security in Maoming city, Guangdong province, has been convicted of corruption and sentenced to 15 years in jail. He will also be fined 3 million RMB and have another 3.38 million RMB worth of illegal income confiscated.

Opening the door to American universities with lies

There’s a growing perception that American universities are admitting Chinese students based on fraudulent applications. How big is this problem, and who is responsible for it? Tim Hathaway investigated the problem for the Southern Weekly, and this is what he found:

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