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China’s ten biggest criminal cases of 2012

The Qinghai Legal News (青海法制报) from Qinghai province today published the newspaper’s editorial selection of China’s ten biggest criminal cases of 2012. In a somber tone, the newspaper prefaces its selection with the following summary:

This year, all the many public charges that ensued from criminal investigations gave many people a profound impression, leaving in their minds a lingering mark of the criminal cases involved. In the ten criminal cases listed below, there are some people who will never be able to be reunited with their families; there are some people who got rich quick only to have their fake dream world shattered; there was fraud; and there was the question of the safety of the school bus that is still haunting people’s consciences….. The people involved in these ten criminal cases in 2012 left behind footsteps that echoed loudly and terrifyingly.

The ten biggest criminal cases of 2012 are the following (detailed descriptions follow below):

  1. “Sticky Rice” Kang (aka Waxy Kang) and the massacre of the Chinese sailors (糯康案)
  2. The homicide of Bo Gu Kailai and Zhang Xiaojun ((薄谷开来、张晓军故意杀人案)
  3. Wu Ying’s fund-raising fraud (吴英集资诈骗案)
  4. The Gansu school bus accident (甘肃正宁校车事故)
  5. The 488 million yuan Sichuan pyramid scheme (四川4.88亿特大传销案)
  6. Luoyang sex slaves (洛阳性奴案)
  7. Liao Dan and the fake treatment form (廖丹“刻章救妻”)
  8. “Almighty God” cult “全能神”邪教
  9. Zhou Kehua (周克华案)
  10. Mayor of Haitang Bay in Sanya causes loss of 700 million yuan (三亚海棠湾原镇长李骥致国家损失7亿)

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