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People’s Daily: “People must unify their thinking and rally behind the CPC Central Committee”

The People’s Daily , the official mouth-piece of the Communist Part of China, today features an article on its front page headlined: “Consciously maintain the good aspects of reform, development and stability.” The article states that the broad masses of Chinese cadres and people strongly support the CPC Central Committee’s decision to investigate Bo Xilai, the charismatic former Party head of Chongqing who was recently ousted, and his possible connection to the suspected murder of Englishman Neil Heywood.

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Bo Xilai investigation and school bus regulations

China Youth Daily is a popular newspaper under the auspices of the Communist Youth League of China that claims a circulation of around 800,000. The largest headline on today’s front page is that the State Council has formally released new school bus safety regulations. The regulations stipulate that a school bus cannot drive faster than 80 km/h on a highway, 60 km/h on other roads, and 20 km/hr on narrow roads or in bad driving conditions, and all school bus drivers must have a proper license. Fines for improper driving, badly maintained vehicles or other safety infractions are set at up to 5,000 yuan for drivers and up to 100,000 yuan for organizations that own the bus. Severe but unspecified penalties are also stipulated for county and local government officials and leaders in charge of districts where school bus accidents happen. Read more