The Chinese government and social media

Sina Weibo claims to have more than 400 million users, and its influence and power are without doubt. Yet the Chinese government and all its myriad bodies and institutions are likewise getting in on the act, not just by means of regulation or censorship but by active participation. A report was published this month that …

For 200 yuan, cab driver returns lost cell phone

The front page of today’s Chutian Metropolis Daily features a big red headline: “For how many students will the gates to their dreams open today?” The story announces that the results of the gaokao, China’s highly competitive national university entrance examination, will be announced around noon today. Students will be able to check their results …

Groundhog day in China – Super Girls and the Internet

This morning, a reader drew my attention to an article on Danwei: Alongside the movement for a “civilized” Internet, the anti-Super Girls campaign seems to be picking up steam as well. China Times published an interview yesterday with Liu Zhongde, one of the most outspoken critics of the Super Girls phenomenon.

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