The 18th Party Congress is over, let’s have some news

Now that the 18th Party Congress is over, newspapers all over China are free again to report on whatever they think can make their front pages as interesting and as inviting as possible. So here’s a selection of four front pages that caught our eye today with some everyday stories from around China:

The Straits Times (海峡导报) from Fujian province has a Like (喜) and Dislike (惊) contrast on its front page today, where the Like is a picture of a massive pumpkin that was on display at an agricultural fair in Fujian last weekend (appropriately timed for Thanksgiving), and the Dislike is a picture of a child wearing a bikini and acting as car model at a car show in Wuhan last week (see more on this at Offbeat China).

The Jinan Times from Shandong province today gleefully reveals the female members of the Liaoning, China’s new aircraft carrier, who are shown posing on the deck. The front page of the Wuhan Evening News (武汉晚报) from Hubei province today features some pictures of a competition called “Wuhan Subway Experts” in which contestants had to pick out instances of uncivilized behaviour from a group of people on the subway.

Finally, the front page of the Modern Express from Jiangsu province today features the story of Guo Hongzhen (郭红珍), a 69-old retired lady from Nanjing. Every time that a younger person has given up their seat for her on public transport, Ms Guo gave them a little bead ornament. She has so far given away more than 200 of these.

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