The 18th Party Congress opens

Its finally here, the day we’ve all been waiting for so long, and there really is not much else that can be found on China’s front pages today. The Beijing Morning Post (北京晨报) is indicative of the kind of headline that is out in force today: “CPC Party Congress opens at 9 am today”. Yet it would be remiss not to mention one newspaper that once again today stands out from the crowd by flagrantly having nothing about the 18th Party Congress on its front page at all. On this historic day, the front page of the City Lady (都市女报) instead asks: “China’s sons-in-law, do you own a house?” Scroll down to view the gallery.

Clearly striving to give the 18th Party Congress its proper place, the Beijing Morning Post today has a 10-page special section on the event. The newspaper’s front page provides the following highlights:

  • The Congress will last from 8 to 14 November, a total of 7 days; 2,268 Party delegates will attend
  • The opening ceremony will be broadcast live in 10 different languages
  • New Politburo Standing Committee to meet the media; 63 delegates will represent Beijing

The Liaoshen Evening News (辽沈晚报) from Liaoning province has a six-page special feature today on the Congress, and its front page tells us that Hu Jintao and Jiang Zemin and 41 others yesterday elected the membership of the Assembly Presidium Standing Committee (大会主席团常委), of which Xi Jinping was elected secretary-general. It also briefly summarizes the agenda for the Congress:

  • Hear and discuss the report of the 17th Party  Congress Standing Committee
  • Examine the report of the 17th Party Congress Central Disciplinary Inspection Committee
  • Consider a revised amendment of the Constitution of the CPC
  • Elect the 18th Party Congress Standing Committee (this new Committee will meet the media right after the conclusion of the Congress), and
  • Elect the 18th Party Congress Central Disciplinary Inspection Committee

If perhaps you really don’t want to read anything about the 18th Party Congress or have already had enough of it, there’s only one inimitable newspaper you can turn to. Completely side-stepping the dominant story of the day, the front page of the City Lady (都市女报)  today leads with a story on the relationship between wives, mothers and their sons-in-law. The issue has been hotly debated of late due to a popular TV series called “New Era of the Son-in-law“; much of the discussion has focused on the so-called Ten Standards for selecting the right son-in-law.

Can you spot the odd one out?

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