‘The difference between the way Jews and Chinese do business’

The Chinese fascination with Jewish people, and the common belief here that Jews are intelligent and good at business, has resulted in a mini industry of books that attempt to teach Chinese people the secrets of Jewish culture, see for example, Selling the Talmud as a Business Guide.

On Weibo, there is now an account called the Revelations of Jewish People’s Wisdom (犹太人智慧启示录). Most of it is disappointing – generic motivational pablum rather than Jewish wisdom or amusing stereotyping, but this is a translation of a more interesting recent posting:

The difference between Jewish and Chinese people: A Jew opens a gas station in some place and business is very good. Then a second Jew comes along and opens a restaurant, and then third Jew opens a supermarket, and the place very quickly prospers. When a Chinese person opens a gas station and business is very good, the second Chinese will definitely open a second gas station, and then the third, the fourth… Competition is vicious and it’s no fun for anybody.

The text is accompanied by this graphic, with the Jews on top, and the three Chinese gas stations in the bottom panel:

Links and sources:
On Weibo: 犹太人智慧启示录
Image source: China Judaic Studies Association
See also (Diane and Guilford Glazer Institute of Jewish Studies (Chinese)

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