Ways of reporting the end of the 18th Party Congress

The 18th Party Congress ended today, and this naturally dominated the front pages of China’s newspapers, who used a small variety of headlines related to the last day of the Congress, the most common of which were “18th Party Congress ends today”, “18th Party Congress today elects Central Committee”, “CPC’s 18th Party Congress Presidium holds third meeting”, or simply “Formal election to take place this morning”. There were some newspapers today, however, that spiced up their 18th Party Congress-dominated front pages with a little more detail or a slightly different focus.

The following three newspapers are examples of front pages anchored to a simple headline and not much else. Beijing Morning News (北京晨报) went with “18th Party Congress today elects Central Committee”, Beijing Star Daily (北京娱乐信报) used “Formal election to take place this morning”, and the headline on the Spring City Evening News (春城晚报) from Yunnan province reads “Curtain falls this morning on the 18th Party Congress”.

A few other newspapers, however, padded their front pages with a little extra 18th Party Congress spice:

The Wuhan Evening News (武汉晚报) from Hubei province ran with the headline “New Politburo Standing Committee to appear on stage tomorrow”. Yet in contrast to this main headline looking forward to when the new top leadership will be presented to the world for the first time, the Wuhan Evening News has placed front and center on its front page the images of four Party members who represented migrant workers at the 18th Party Congress, which is the first Party Congress where this occurred. Under the headline “Behind us, hundreds of thousands of migrant workers”, the newspaper tells the story of how these four representatives experienced the 18th Party Congress. One of them, Yu Kang (余凯) from Hubei province, says that he has already forgotten how many requests for interviews he received at the Congress.

The Wuhan Morning Post (武汉晨报) ran the headline “CPC’s 18th Party Congress Presidium holds third meeting”, yet the main image on its front page is of the “little journalist” Zhang Jiahe (张佳鹤) from the Chinese Teenagers News (中国少年报) who bravely raised his hand to ask a question at a press conference at the Congress. And last and least, there is the Southern Metropolis Daily (南方都市报) from Guangzhou province which seems to have tried to build a large square block out of its main dry headline today, which reads “Passed through the Central Committee: draft list of names for the next Central Committee and Central Disciplinary Inspection Committee”.

Links and sources
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