‘Wizard arrested for raping Buddhist’

The top front page headline of Beijing Evening News today concerns tightening of food safety regulations. The photo shows soccer boss Nan Yong being led away ‘wearing prisoner uniform number 087’. Nan was director of the Chinese Football Administrative Center when the national team made it into the World Cup in 2002. Today he was charged with 17 counts of taking bribes worth 1.48 million yuan in a court in Tieling, Lianing Province.

Other stories on the front page include a report on American director James Cameron at the Beijing Film Festival, an article about Filipino vessels in South China Sea waters that the PRC claims as its own, and the Beijing Auto Show. But the most eye catching story in the whole paper is buried on page ten, headlined ‘Sly and despicable method of rape – “fortune teller” arrested’. The English website of the Global Times translated it a little more colorfully: ‘Wizard arrested for raping Buddhist’. This is the English article:

Police arrested a self-claimed sorcerer in Shijingshan district, who exorcised demons in exchange for sex, the Beijing Evening News reported yesterday. The district prosecutor’s office is pressing a rape charge against the man, surnamed Kang.

Kang met one of his victims, surnamed Ma, in February in Badachu, a temple area in western Beijing. He told her she was possessed and that the way to be cleansed of the demon was to have sex with him. Ma, a Buddhist, believed him. Ma’s family called police when they found she was going to see Kang for a second time.

The original Chinese version of the story fills out a few more details, but it does not answer the legal question of whether the crime can be considered rape, as Ma apparently consented to sexual intercourse. The police were only brought in because her parents believed she was being tricked.

Links and sources
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Xinhua: Ex-soccer chief Nan Yong charged with taking 1.48 million yuan bribes
Bloomberg: Beijing Tightens Food Safety Control With Life Ban in New Rules

Thanks to Peter Schloss for pointing out this story.

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